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Developing people is one of the greatest investments an organization can make to positively impact workplace culture and achieve goals.

Meet the Founder


Owner of The Hall Way Consulting Firm

Shaketa Hall

Shaketa Hall is an independent human resources consultant and owner of The Hall Way Consulting Firm. After spending close to 15 years working in Human Resources and partnering with people at all levels of an organization, Shaketa knows what truly drives business success: investment in people.

Shaketa partners with non-profit organizations to build people-focused HR processes that align with the organization’s culture, mission and values.  Her expertise includes strategic workforce planning and development, employee relations and conflict resolution, designing performance management systems, developing compensation strategies, conducting management trainings and providing 1:1 management coaching. Shaketa believes that when people are happy at work, they are happy in life. Her passion is to help organizations build and maintain healthy work environments that support people being happy at work…. whatever that means for the organization and the people in it!

Shaketa was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and currently resides in Cheltenham Township with her husband and three children. Shaketa enjoys reading books, watching binge-worthy drama series, cooking up new (pescatarian) recipes, and spending time with her family. Shaketa holds a Master of Science in Human Resources Management from Temple University’s Fox School of Business and is recognized by the Society for Human Resources Management as a certified senior professional (SHRM-SCP). She’s a lifelong learner who may one day journey towards a doctorate degree…or law degree…or culinary school? What a world of possibilities!

Meet the Founder

About The Hall Way Consulting Firm 

Launched in July 2019, The Hall Way Consulting Firm (previously known as S. Hall HR Consulting, LLC) is a business and human resources consulting firm based in the Philadelphia area that specializes in strengthening workplace culture. We do this by taking a multi-faceted approach to people connection. We help people connect with each other, their workplaces, and their passions. Organizations who partner with us are mission-driven and have a desire to improve their workplace structures (things like policies, compensation systems, and organizational structure) and cultural practices (like ensuring management and communication practices are inclusive and helping people be more aware of their impact at work…and in life too!). 

When you partner with us, there are a few guarantees:

  • We Go High. Count on us to always do the right thing.

  • We Flex. There is no cookie-cutter approach with us. We give people what they need and everyone is going to need something different.

  • We Have Courageous Conversations. We do not shy away from tough conversations. We tell the truth and we do it with love. 

  • We Honor People. Everyone deserves to be seen and heard. These are basic practices in showing respect.

  • We Have Fun. This work is fun for us and we're going to smile, play and laugh through lots of it! 

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